Monday, October 29, 2012

Seaside Milk Ring Christmas Tree Ornament

These are easy to make, but take a few days to dry.

What you need:
~plastic rings from gallon milk jugs (or other beverage)
~tacky glue
~scrap string for hanger
~mini seashells
~waxed paper for a work surface
~Scissors to cut your string    

1. Using the waxed paper for a work surface, add a layer of glue to one side of the milk ring. Note: you can add the hanger now or after it's finished.  I found it easier to handle with the string attached first.

2. Sprinkle sand and gently place shells around the ring.  You may need to add more glue for the shells.  Allow to dry.

3.  Turn the ornament over, and repeat step #2.  Allow to dry completely.

If needed, add more sand and shells using tacky glue.  Allow to dry again.

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Katmom said...

OK, that is cute! & clever...