Monday, October 15, 2012

Pill Bottle Bird Feeder Christmas Tree Ornament

What you need:

~small (clear plastic) pill/medicine bottle with lid
~milk jug lid (color depends on your liking)
~scrap stiff paper or scrap colorful wallpaper
~thin string for hanger
~bird seed
~strong glue such as E6000
~tacky glue 
~wooden, round toothpick
~versa-tool or heated awl tip
~scalloped edging scrapbook scissors
~tiny bird (optional)
~tweezers (optional for gluing on the toothpick) 

1. Remove lid from pill bottle.  Glue the bottom of the pill bottle into the inside of the milk jug lid.  Center it and allow it to dry completely.  Note:  Remove your lid prior to gluing the pill bottle to the milk lid. 

2. Cut a small section of toothpick and smooth ends if needed (a finger nail file works great if you don't have sand paper). I cut mine about 1/2 inch long.

3.Heat a versa-tool tip.  Gently and slowly, melt a hole into the top center of the pill bottle lid.  Allow to cool. Note:  My lid had a small side tab.  It can easily be cut off with scissors.

4. With the heated versa-tool, carefully melt a hole in the side of the pill bottle, but be careful to not make the hole too large.  Melt the hole small, check the size by inserting the cut toothpick.  Continue to melt the hold larger until the toothpick fits snugly into the hole.  Unplug the heated tool, and allow to cool in a safe place.  Note:  This is probably the most difficult part of the ornament.  You can also simply leave this step out.

With a small dab of strong glue, glue the toothpick into the hole that you created in the side of the bottle (use tweezers if needed).


5Cut a piece of string for the hanger.  I used a thinner silver string.  String this through the pill bottle lid and knot both ends together on the underside of the lid.  If you have trouble getting the string through the hole, try using a needle.  You can also cut a piece of thread, fold your hanger string in half, and run the thread through the folded end.  Insert both ends of the thread through the hole first, then gently pull the hanger string through.  Don't pull it all the way through.  Just enough to leave enough room to knot the ends.  Trim if needed.  With a dab of strong glue, secure the knot to the lid and allow to dry.

6. Fill your pill bottle with a small amount of bird seed.

7. Place the pill bottle lid back onto the  bottle.

8.  Using a regular size canning rim or lid, trace a circle onto the back of the scrap paper you are using.  Cut a triangle as shown, just wide enough to allow the paper to fold into a cone.  Be sure to cut to the center of the circle.  

9. Using the scalloped edge scissors, trim the edge of the circle you just cut.  Trim to the size you prefer.

10.  Using tackly glue, adhere the paper together, leaving a tiny hole at the tip to allow the hanger to pull through. Tip: You can also trim a tiny piece off the tip to do this.  Allow the cone to dry.  Note:  You can also wrap the paper around the hanger, glue the paper together forming the cone, and simply slide it down to the lid and allow to dry.

11. Run the hanger through the dried paper cone, and glue it to the top of the pill bottle.  Allow to dry.

12.  Optional:  Glue a tiny bird to the side of the milk jug lid.  

Tips:  Add glitter or other decor to the ornament.  Glue rick rack around the milk jug lid.  Embellish in any way you prefer. 


Michelle said...

What a cute idea!

Beansieleigh said...

This is adorable! I can't think of any jars around here like the one you use, but I'll definitely take a look around and see what I come up with! This would be a fun ornament to make this year, and I LOVE birds!