Thursday, October 18, 2012

Denim Gun Holster Christmas Tree Ornament

This is not my original idea.  The pattern can actually be found the book, Treasures for the Christmas Tree, 101 Festive Ornaments to Make and Enjoy, by Carol Taylor © 1994.

(Linked to the book on Amazon, but check your library to borrow it for free)

I simply scanned the pattern at home, increased the size using the computer, and printed a pattern to fit the size of a mini-candy cane.  My pattern size was about 4 1/2 inches by 2 3/4 inches.

These patterns are reversible, and can be made using either side.

The original pattern calls for a 9 x 12 inch holster, and to use a regular size candy cane.  

I made my pattern small enough to hold a mini candy cane. The smaller one can also be used for money or other small gift.  It's cute all by itself also.

For the holster itself, I traced my templates (made from a recycled cereal box) onto a pair of recycled jeans.  I hand stitched the edging with a blanket embroidery stitch, and used brown ribbon for the belt.  I glued the star sequins onto the denim. You could use star buttons as well. You could use felt or scrap fabric for the belt as well.

For the belt buckle, I simply cut a piece of silver wrapping paper.  You could also recycle the silver packaging that is used for some boxed crackers.

You could even embroider a name on the front before sewing them together.

For help with the embroidery blanket stitch, there are many free resources at your local library, as well as on-line.


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Is that cute or what?
I have to keep this in mind for the boys! For Christmas! Pat

Kristina said...

Thanks Pat! I am having fun making them. You can make them any size you want too.

Katmom said...

this is tooo cute! luv the idea and i,,, I will be 'borrowing' this idea for my 'cowgirl gal pals Holiday mini stockings....