Friday, May 11, 2012

Flower Magnet ~ Using Recycled Canning Jar Lids

Items Needed:

~used canning jar lids
~small silk flowers
~glue gun and glue sticks
~empty cardboard box or other safe working surface
~E6000 glue (or other strong glue)
~magnets (we used round)
~scissors or wire cutters

1. Cut the tops of the silk flowers off the plastic stems using scissors or wire cutters.

2. Remove a set of leaves or cut leaves.

3. Glue leaves to the canning lid first, then add flowers in any fashion you desire.

4.  Allow to dry.

5. Glue a magnet to the backside and allow to dry.  

Note:  You can glue your magnets on either before or after you glue on the flowers.

Tip:  Decoupage dried flowers instead of using the silk flowers for the front side.

Tip:  Shop for inexpensive silk flowers in dollar stores, thrift stores, or clearance aisles.

Tip: Pick wild flowers in your back yard.  Press them between two pieces of blank paper, and pile a stack of books on top until they dry.  Using decoupage or white glue, attach them to the white side of the canning lids and allow to dry.


nancy said...

How cute, now I can use my rusty ones!

nancy said...

How cute, now I can use my rusty ones!

Julia said...

Hi Kristina

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