Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tea Bag Boxes

Sharing a few more tea bag boxes that I decoupaged.  These are very basic and can be embellished in so many ways.

 Decoupaged with scrap tissue paper that came wrapped around a gift, and the handle is ribbon that came with a gift I received also.

Decoupaged with old book pages, and the handle is recycled oxygen tubing that is attached using regular size paper fasteners (use a scrap, very small pointed knife to make a slot, using a safe work surface first, to attach handle).

Book pages are more cumbersome to decoupage on these boxes versus tissue paper. 

More ideas: Embellish the book page box with mini tools, fishing items, or book related items for a gentleman's gift box.  

Use the box to write love notes to your loved one.  

For more information on using tea bag boxes go to:  Uses for Tea Bag Boxes

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Ruth Evans said...

Do you allow people to pin your ideas to pinterest? I really love them and was hoping to start a reuse boarsd with ideas for things I usually recycle. Great blog!