Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Record Dishes ~ Rainy Day Projects ~ Using Scrap Materials

I'm sharing another project that was in a 1961 publication that I received from my mother - Record Dishes.

Items needed:

~LP record album (NOTE: Keep your album cover for another recycling project - hopefully I'll have ideas soon)


~used match or material similar size

~large pot and container to mold your record (must be able to withstand boiling water)

~wooden spoon

~sink of cold water or container large enough

Insert the string through the record hole, and tie on the used match to one end.  This is how you lower your record into the water.

I followed the original directions - cover your baking dish or tin can with enough water to submerge your record and bring water to a boil.  

I did exactly that, but had to use my canning pot.  It was the only pot I had large enough to fit the record into, prior to it melting.

Turn off the burner, and submerge the record.  The sides will begin to slowly melt downward, around your container.  I used a square baking dish.  I also had to lower the record (using the string) with one hand, and use the spoon to push it down with the other.

I found that you can remove the record, mold it to the way you would like, very easily.  I wasn't happy with one side, so I simply lowered it back into the water for a 3-4 seconds and remolded the side.  

Once I was happy, I lowered it into the cold water to harden the shape.

This was very fun!

If you have old records that don't play anymore, try making dishes or a napkin holder out of one.  If you don't have records, try shopping thrift stores.  I was able to find this one for $.25.  

These are unique gifts for everyone.


Kim said...

Awesome......I have wanted to try this. Might just have to now!!

Sam I Am...... said...

I wonder if you could paint them too? Black is not my favorite color for a dish and they do have "plastic" paints now so I may have to try that.
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Kristina said...

My settings state that I have the word verification off, but will check it again. Sorry.