Monday, January 30, 2012

What Can I Do With a Vintage Wooden Handled Pastry Blender?

You can re-purpose it into a towel holder.

I cannot claim ownership to this idea.  My husband and I saw it in a magazine (once again magazines at hardware stores).
I love shopping at thrift stores for items that no one wants to really "use" as they were intended, and create something very useful (and on a budget).
We used a piece of old barn wood, marked the back as to where we wanted the handle mounted on the front, and drilled two holes.  
We then drilled smaller holes into the handle where we wanted it positioned.  This one had a metal rod all the way through the handle, so our screws needed to be shorter.
We then ran screws through the backside of the barn wood, and into the pastry blender handle.
For ours, we decided to run screws directly into the barn wood and wall.  If you do this, be sure to check where your studs are in the wall, or use plastic anchors to secure your new towel hanger.

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Unknown said...

Cute! I'm hanging up my vintage beater/pancake turner as we speak!