Sunday, January 22, 2012

School Art Assignment ~ Using Recycled Materials and More

I wanted to share photos that my 15 year-old daughter took.  This is an assignment for Art class.  The school provided the students with a cigar box, and she was the only one who ended up with a wooden box.  

The students were told to think of a place they like to be, and bring in items to fill their box.  She thought of the barn and the animals.  She loves her goats, and she loves Lolita, our white colored hen.

She painted the box with leftover acrylic paints we had, and used the crackle medium to make it look like barn wood.  She painted the front to look like a barn door too.

Inside she filled it with chicken feather, a ladder made from popsicle sticks, a toy tractor she was given in FFA, and the hen house above was made with scrap wood and other pieces I had in my supplies.  She made eggs using some leftover crayola model magic (dries soft) and added straw from the barn.  she also has twine inside this box from the bales of straw in the barn.  

I'm just glad I keep the closet, short on space that is it, full of scrap art supplies.  

I will wait and see what grade she gets on this.

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nancypo said...

How cute! She should keep then after it's graded!!!