Friday, January 27, 2012

Medicine Cup Bird Feeder Christmas Ornament

I posted this handmade ornament on my Pioneer Woman At Heart blogspot, but realized I never posted it here to explain how I made this.

To be honest, these were fun to make too.  I'll explain the best I can, so that you can make these also.  There are other sources you can probably use for the metal pieces for the top and bottom. 

Items I used:
-recycled medicine cup
-red felt
-2 Round Concho Nickels (found them on clearance)
-scrap bead
-scrap feed bag string and needle to fit thread
-strong glue
-optional: small bird

1. I started by turning the medicine cup upside down, and gluing one of the concho pieces (try searching out western or leather crafting areas at large craft stores for these - mine have two slits in each metal piece for belt making, but worked great).  Allow to dry.

2.Glue the felt to the metal piece, centering it.  Allow it to dry.

3. Thread scrap string and run through the felt and the holes in the metal concho piece from top to bottom, then come back up and through it again.  Slip on a scrap bead, and knot your string.  I used scrap feed bag string.

4. With glue on the upper rim, glue the felt side to the upper portion of the cup.

5. I glued a tiny bird to the bottom of mine.

Thoughts and tips:  I thought about adding bird seed to the inside of this.  Sure would make it a cute ornament.  For your circle of felt, use a template or item in your home to trace onto your felt for ease.

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Penny said...

I don't know how I missed this blog, I love your Pioneer Woman...but talking about being creative, wow you really are...I see you made a scrubbie too...I love using things and recreating stuff from things that people usually throw away...I have enjoyed your blog.