Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gift Tag Tips

1. Recycle the cardboard boxes from candy canes for Christmas gift tags.  The backside of many of these boxes are already red or green.  After the holidays, search out discounted candy canes.  Save the cardboard for gift tags and use the candy canes in hot cocoa, or crushed in chocolate.

2. Save white cardboard from linens, curtains, and packaged clothing items.  

3. Save the last scrap of yarn when it's too short to roll into a small ball (12 inches or so,  and shorter).  Use these for ties on the gift tags.  Use them to embellish tags also.

4. Save strings from pet and other animal feed bags for gift tag ties.

5. Save priority cardboard mailing envelopes.  Reuse the cardboard for gift tags. Decoupage material or paint the printed side.

.............More to Come!

1 comment:

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my word, the string from pet food bags!! We have plenty around here, and I never thought of that! (0: Thanks for all of these great tips! ~tina