Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to Make a Canning Jar Lid Christmas Ornament

Use any size canning jar lid to make fun Christmas Ornaments

Materials Needed:

used canning lids
scrap fabric, felt, wallpaper, or other material
templates (see below)
strong glue (we used E6000 glue)
piece of recycled string (we used feed bag string)
pen or pencil for tracing templates
edging scissors (optional)
embellishments (optional)

1. Wash and dry any size canning lid.

2.  Use a template to cut two larger circles of any fabric, wallpaper or other material.

For this ornament I used two regular canning lids.  For the cut circles I used "template 1" that uses an old CD.  

3. If you prefer to add a fun edge to your circles, now is the time.  Hold both cut circles, wrong sides together, and with one hand hold one canning lid on top of them.  With your scissors, cut evenly around, while hold the material and lid together.

4. To piece together: 
~Place one canning lid with top side down, place a bit of glue on the other side. 

~Place one piece of cut circle over the lid, centering the lid.  Place a tied recycle piece of string and secure it with glue, then place the second piece of cut material, centering it and pressing down gently to secure together.  Be sure to position the tied portion of your string (ribbon or other material for a hanger) in the center.  When it dries completely, your ornament will spin to show both sides.

~  Place the second cut piece of material over with wrong sides together, pressing gently to secure the glue.  Place glue on the bottom of the second canning lid, and press down onto the material, centering it.

Allow this to dry for 48-72 hours until you handle it again.  This will allow your materials to secure together and remain centered.

To Add Center Piece
1. For the regular canning lids, you will need the regular size rim for another template.  Place the lid upside down, on the wrong side of your material, and trace the inside of the rim.

Ideas to embellish your center piece before cutting it out:

1. minimize a computer iron-on transfer and iron to material

2. Embroider a design

3. Secure small tatting pieces to create a design

4. Cross-stitch a design

5. Consider decoupaging items to the center lid

2. Cut both circles (for center of lids) and glue wrong sides of fabric to the center of both canning lids on your ornament. For this one, I simply took leftover scraps of fabric and a button.

Taking it one step further:  Sew a creative border into the larger circle edges with leftover feed bag string, thread, or embroidering threads.  Tat around the edge of your larger circles.

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