Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shot Gun Shells ~ Creative Ways to Recycle

I'm working on a new way to recycle these empty shot gun shells.  Here are several fun ways to recycle them. 

NOTE:  Each photo was linked to the original Web site.  I have recently discovered that many of the original sites are no longer working.  I will try to update these as I locate them again, or make them myself.

~ Use them to create fun Christmas lights ~

~Make a necklace~

~ Make a key chain ~

~Make Chairs~

~Make a Shot gun shell Santa Christmas Ornament~

~Make a Wreath~

~Make More Jewelry~

~Make a Flash Drive Case~

~Make Buttons~

~Make a Belt Buckle~

~Make a Frame or Frame a Mirror~
(link no longer working)
Glue empty shot gun shells to the outer edge of an oval or round mirror.  You will need a glue gun and glue gun sticks to attach the empty shells to the mirror.  Allow to dry.

~Make Zipper Pulls or Light/Fan Pulls~

There are so many good ideas for recycling these, it may be hard to come up with a new idea.  Click on any photo above to locate the original source for each craft project.


Karrieann said...

...a needle case!

Kristina said...

ooooh! That's a good idea!

ladaisi said...

Wow so many things to do with them! That's awesome.

stacie BRUNNER said...

great ideas!

Gail said...

Love these! My husband made a coat rack using large rifle casings. Just drill and attach to a board, the coats and hats hang on the shell casing.

Kathy said...

My daughter would like to make the santa shotgun shell for christmas could someone help me with a pattern for the hat?

cyclegirl9825 said...

I can't view the link when I click on the pictures. I would like to make the wreath. Can someone post the link for the wreath for me please? Thank you.

Kelly said...

I clicked on the shot gun wreath but it only showed the jpeg and not where it was made or how to make it. Help!! Delivery.RN at gmail dot com

Kristina said...

Kelly, here is a link to one set of instructions:

Kristina said...

Kelly, here is another suggestion:

yorkp4 said...

I'm trying to make the mirror but do it as a picture frame but i can't get to the link, i only get the picture! can someone help?

Ken said...

I found some party or novelty lights here Shotgun Shell Lights.

It should be pretty easy to figure out how to make your own if you want. Or just order them if you don't have time right now!