Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Magazine Subscription Cards ~ Ideas for Reusing Them.

Recycle and Reuse Magazine Subscription Cards:

1.  Use them for bookmarks.  Teachers often keep a stash of these in their desk for students to use.  Keep a stash for yourself, or in your nightstand.

2. If you have young children, you can use them as teaching tools.  Have children write their name, address, and even phone numbers on the subscription cards to practice remembering important information, and to practice writing it.

3. Keep several magazine subscription cards in a "rainy day" box.  Kids can be very creative in using them.  Use them to protect surfaces when painting very small items.

4. Kids and play mailman or house with magazine subscription cards.  They can use them to write notes to family members.  Be sure to give them junk mail envelopes for fun mail.

5. Use extra subscription cards for campfire kindling.  Keep a plastic bag in your camping supply tote, and fill it with these cards for easy fire starters.

6. Kids can fold them in different ways, creating fences or building tops, when building cardboard or paper towns to play with.

7. In a pinch, magazine subscription cards make a quick cup coaster.  Although it will get wet, it can be useful at times.

8.  Use them to write down addresses you are traveling to.  They make reading your travel location a bit easier.  Tuck them in your travel journal when you are finished with your trip.  You can use them for future trips.

9. Recycle them.  Simply take them to you recycling center, or shred for packing boxes.

10. Use them to write out small shopping lists.

11. Donate them to your local preschool.  Call ahead to see if they can use them.

12. While traveling or visiting patients at hospitals, it is possible to sit and read magazines.  If you do, and you do embroidery, these magazine cards come in handy.  Instead of bringing all your supplies, use the cards to wrap extra embroidery thread, and to hold needles.  It works great until you come home again.

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