Thursday, July 21, 2011

Feed Bag Strings ~ Creative Ways to Reuse Them

When you open your animal feed bags, and pull the top string away, don't throw it in the trash.  Save the string.  And don't forget your bags (plastic lined) can be cut and made into tote bags, wallets and so much more.

Here are ideas for you, on ways to use your feed bag strings:

1. Use for tatting small items (embellish cards etc.).
2. Use to tie herbs together to hang and dry.
3. Use to tie poles together for runner beans to climb.
4. Use to tie spices inside cheesecloth for baking, canning and cooking.
5. Cut shorter pieces to run through gift tags and use it to tie the gift tag on.
6. Use the string in place of ribbon, when wrapping gifts.
7. Crochet smaller items for scrap booking, note cards, and embellishing gift tags.
8. Use for a frugal curtain tie back.
9. Use for hangers on homemade or store purchased Christmas tree ornaments.
10.Use several strings of different colors to braid, and make friendship bracelets or hair ties.


Karrieann said...

..gaw.. why hadn't I thought of those ideas! I just auto matically toss them strings into my trash like a bad habit! I do save the dog food bags for future totes.

I just love your nifty ideas for reusing the strings. I will save them strings now.. and decide later how they'll be useful!


chickenlady12 said...

I have saved string for years.Have used some of your ideas and have now found new ways to use left over string.Thank you.