Monday, May 16, 2011

Scrapbooking ~ Book of Possibilities

Inspired by Queen Latifah (Movie Last Holiday), I created this scrapbook/journal to document my dreams or possibilities.  Simply use recycled paper, or a scrapbook with paper pages, and add you “possibilities.”  If you made cereal box journals, those would work perfectly also.  Many of my kids now have one of these scrapbooks.

To make one for yourself, cut pictures, letters, and words from recycled magazines, newspapers or other sources.  Use scrap pieces of material, and add other sources of scraps.  For this cover, I embroidered the year onto a scrap piece of cross-stitch fabric and glued it to the page.

Each page, or section of your journal is dedicated to something you would like to accomplish, but needs time to complete.  For example, is there something you would like to purchase, but simply do not have the money at this time?  A hot rod?  A camper?  A cottage by the lake?  A cabin in the mountains?

This scrapbook/journal is all about inspiring yourself.  Keep adding to your scrapbook, and keep it in a location where you can look at it often.  The above page was created with photos printed from a computer, with backgrounds of recycled newspaper and fabric.  Words were cut from magazine pages.

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so not that girl said...

I love this idea and completely forgot about it until I came across your blog.
This is SO going to be my summer project with my son.
Keep on Craftin'.