Saturday, February 5, 2011

Large Plastic Lids ~ What to do with them?

Large plastic lids are wonderful to reuse around the home, garden, garage, barn, and for arts & crafts.

Here are ideas for recycling and reusing large plastic lids:

1.  Spoon Rest
Store several large, washed and dried plastic lids in a kitchen drawer, along with pot holders or utensils, to use for a quick spoon rest.  Often times, to keep a kitchen clutter free, spoon rests are not always wanted sitting around on the stove top or counter top.  This is an easy solution.  However, don't get so excited that you save up an entire drawer full.

2.  Bead Holder
When crafting with beads, flip a large lid upside down, and place the beads inside.  The small edge of the lid keeps the beads just where you want them, while you are crafting or making art.

3.   Christmas Ornaments
Cut shapes from the center of a flexible, large plastic lid to make Christmas Ornaments.

4. Sun Catchers
Use large, clear plastic lids (deli, produce containers) to create fun sun catchers.  Simply supply kids with thin, permanent markers to decorate the lids with.  Allow to dry, and insert a large needle and thread to tie on a hanger.  Place them in a sunny location, such as a window.  Note:  Over a long time, the color will begin to fade.

5.  Cup Coasters
Save a few lids for quick and easy cup coasters for you camper, on the porch, patio or any table surface.

6. Picture Frame
Cut pictures to fit the inside of large lids and and hangers to the backside (or magnets) for everyone to view.

7.  Potted Plants

Reuse large plastic lids to place underneath potted plants to protect surfaces.

8.  Games
Place a hula hoop on the ground.  Have kids toss lids, frisbee style, and see how many they can land inside the hula hoop from a short distance.  You can also make a circle with a recycled piece of old garden hose, extra rope or other flexible (and safe) material.

7 more ideas from Reader's Digest
And of course, if the lid is made of plastic your recycling center accepts, recycle your lids.

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Hi! I'm hoping you see this but I'm not sure how it all works, since this post is from last year!! I just found this when I searched for "large plastic needle" on Google and looked at images!! Isn't that somethin'?? I LOVE your blog! I'll be dropping by on a regular basis and I hope it's OK to share your blog on Facebook! You have GREAT ideas!