Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hanging Candle Chandeliers

These candle chandeliers were created by recycling metal baskets of different sizes, recycling plant hanger chains, and glass jars.  Candles and simple decor was added.  These candles were purchased for $1.00 (6 candles) and the hanging decor were found in clearance aisles at a large department store.
These can be placed on reused plant hangers indoors for a non-electric lighting source, during power outages or for a romantic lighting.  They can be placed on large S hooks on tree limbs outdoors for patio lighting.

 There is no end to how creative you can make these candle chandeliers.  Have fun and make yourself a few. For the one photographed above, I used flexible wire to hold the recycled canning jar in place.
(I apologize for photo clarity.  Our camera went on the fritz and I am using an older camera until I replace it.)


Beansieleigh said...

What a great idea! LOVE the second photo of the single hanging candle!!.. Enjoy your day! ~tina

Kristina said...

My husband and kids loved the single one too. He wanted another one made, but I had to tell him it was reused and I didn't have another one. I may try to find a similar one at Goodwill or garage sale.

Dawn said...

I love love love the Hanging Candle Chandeliers!!!!!!!