Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to recycle pizza box lid support device into Snowman Kits

Every time you order pizza, whether you pick it up or have it delivered, you usually get a plastic pizza box lid support device, to keep the pizza from squishing against the box top.  Ever wonder what to do with it besides throw it in the trash?  Well, we came up with a cute idea and you can save them throughout the year.

Make a Snowman Kit for yourself or to give to others.  These are so simple to make.

What you need:
-plastic pizza box lid support device
-black patio paint (can be foun in small bottles in most craft paint sections)
-paint brush
-protective work surface
-Optional:  matte or glossy sealer spray

Step 1:Wash and dry your plastic pieces.

Step 2: With a smaller paint brush, paint a coat of black paint to the top of the plastic piece, making sure to not paint the edges of the legs that appear at the top edges.  This will keep your painted part completely round.  Allow to dry and paint a second coat.  Allow to completely dry.

Step 3: Box them up for a snowman kit.  When the snowman is built, you gently push the legs of the plastic piece into the snowman, creating eyes, mouth, and even snowman buttons.  Save and use year after year.

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