Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to Make Christmas Ornaments Using Recycled Plastic Lids (Flexible) or Bottles

Items Needed:
1 plastic, flexible colored lid (Peanut can, Hot Cocoa Can, Coffee Can etc)
1/8 inch metal hole punch
Aluminum Crochet hook, size D/3-3.25MM
100% cotton white yarn (the type you use for dishcloths)
Bell (or other) Cookie cutter
Sharp scissors

Step 1: Place a cookie cutter onto the inside of the plastic lid. Trace around it with a pencil or pen (this is somewhat difficult to do, but indentations will be left also). With sharp scissors, cut your shape out.

Step 2: Punch holes evenly around your cut out shape, with a 1/8 inch hole punch.

Step 3: Single crochet around your plastic, inserting your crochet hook into each hole as you go. This size hook barely fits into this size hole, so be patient. Most lids are big enough for a 2 to 2 1/2 inch cookie cutter shape.

Do not tie off yet. Crochet about 16 stitches for your loop, then attach it to the beginning stitch with a slip stitch. Tie off. Weave in ends.

NOTE: You can also cut shapes from the sides of plastic bottles. Be sure to wash and dry your bottle before cutting your shape. You may also need a sharp craft knife to separate your (solid colored) bottle in half first.

TIPS: These are fun to make and decorate with. You could cut a photo of a friend, child or pet and glue to the center. You could also decorate this with glue and shimmering glitter.

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