Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to Recycle Old Sweatshirts into Crafts ~ Mittens

Recycle your old sweatshirts into warm and cozy mittens. These are great for kids who ride a bus to school. They keep them warm and toasty.

1 - old sweatshirt
*sewing pins
*sewing machine
*coordinating colored thread

STEP 1: Trace your hand onto a piece of paper. Allow about 3/4 inch more around the hand. Cut out pattern.

STEP 2: Pin the paper pattern to the sweatshirt, pinning both layers of the sweatshirt, and the cuff at the waist of the sweatshirt. Cut both pieces out together.

STEP 3: Remove pattern, pin it again to the sweatshirt at in Step 2 for the second mitten.

STEP 3: Turn your pieces inside out for each mitten and pin together.

STEP 4: Starting at the cuff, sew a seam all the way around, leaving about 1/4 inch seam. You may have to lift your sewing machine foot often to create an even, rounded seam. Be careful not to stretch or let it bunch under your sewing machine foot.

STEP 5: Turn them inside out, and you have a new pair of mittens.

TIPS: These are nice stocking stuffer presents. Just trace the persons hand and write their name on the pattern for reference. Don't tell them what it's for and they will be very surprised.


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