Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to Recycle Glass Food Jars: Decoupaged Flower Vase

This is a moderately easy project. This vase is made from a recycled glass salsa jar, and Ricola wrappers. During the winter, our family suffered a lot of sore throats. Instead of throwing these wrappers out, I cut the ends and decoupaged them onto the glass jar.

1- Glass jar, washed and dried
1 - Bottle of Decoupage or Mod Podge
1 - foam brush or flat edged paint brush
1- pair of scissors
*Ricola (Herb Throat Drops) wrappers

STEP 1: Cut the Ricola wrapper as shown in the photo below. You will not be using the middle portion. Save it for a later craft or use for kindling or packaging material. With your fingers, flatten the wrapper as best as you can.

STEP 2: Brush an even coat of decoupage onto the jar, starting at the top. Place one wrapper onto the jar with the flowers up, and the white portion at the bottom. Brush a second layer of decoupage onto the jar, and continue around, layering the wrappers. Continue to the bottom of the jar. Let dry completely.

JAR CARE: Never immerse directly into water. Wipe the outside with a damp rag.

TIPS: Second layer of decoupage may be brushed on. Fill with flowers, or use as a pencil jar. Give fresh flowers in these creative, recycled vases for gifts, get well gifts, or just to say you care.


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